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 Steve Manning,


Thursday 11.00am

From Mary's desk


Dear Writer,

Hereís my confession of how BLAST THOSE BLOCKS originated.

Iím sure you are familiar with what recently happened to me.

As a writer - and freelancer - I always found my way around a topic to write about without much of a hitch. It is normally quite a breeze.

Frankly, I never knew what exactly the writer's block really is, or rather was. Until...

One day it hit me.

I was offered a writing job which included a short deadline to it - something that I was not quite comfortable with.  My normal way of working is to plan ahead in good time for my writing assignments to avoid unnecessary pressures.

Obviously, now for the first time, I started to experience a certain panic in needing to deliver by a given deadline.

And that was it!

I found myself suddenly stuck. Inspiration dried unexpectedly when I needed it most. And the more I tried the more I felt trapped.

I was shocked, depressed and helpless.

It suddenly dawned on me what the writer's block is and wanted to do some research on this phenomenon.

What I discovered simply amazed me.  I learnt that it could be psychological, physical or even sheer ignorance of not knowing how to wriggle out of it through some techniques.

Suddenly it clicked on me that I am going through a common situation amongst writers and I might as well share my discoveries.

Blast those Blocks was born.


Wouldn't it be amazing if you understand what

could be causing you to feel blocked?


BLAST THOSE BLOCKS is my collected findings that I am sure other writers like me will find as helpful and fascinating as much as I did.

The further you go into BLAST THOSE BLOCKS the more your blocks get dissolved.

STOP and consider, for example, what if you know

   what topics people relate to most

   12 prompts that get you unstuck

   various idea generators

   the psychological possibilities - and remedies for feeling blocked

   how to be inspired by sleep

   how to steal ideas from reading, advertising and TV

   how to analyse your lifestyle for ideas 

   a handy reference in desperation

   how the internet can be used for inspiration

   alternative ways to keep your creativity high

   what resources provide ideas you may never have thought of   


You know what I mean, donít you?


Empower yourself with PRACTICAL TIPS from

some of the best writers around today


Now letís be honest.

All writers know what it is like.  We all have been there.  You have a deadline to honour and you're in a jam! BLAST THOSE BLOCKS comes to the rescue in moments like these and you badly need to know how to snap out of it and get on with your writing - fast.

Getting to know what could be the problem, you can tackle it.

More discoveries in BLAST THOSE BLOCKS are:

   How real is writerís block

   7 secrets to overcome it

   how to use what you see, hear or experience

   how to juggle words to form ideas

   when to accept the Block as natural

   easy ways to write anything

   how to keep a good supply of resources

   the use of brainstorming

   how to angle past ideas for future articles

   tips for titles to trigger topic ideas

   how to be alert for ideas

   how to ask and research for current trends

   a trick to use for writing about anything

   how to master the blank page with speedwriting

   how to make use of ĎHow Toí type of articles for solving problems

   how to squeeze dry your own lifestyle for ideas

   how to use passions and curiosities as triggers

   a minefield of resources for cooking up ideas

   Mindmapping as a tool to use

   the use of linking, clustering and snapping as tools to adopt


Why this resource could be your saviour


Obviously, many of the tips can be easily adapted to whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction.

And whether the product you have in mind is an article, an ebook or a book.

It is a fact that sooner or later you will find yourself stuck for ideas.  As writers we all go through this phase, whether we admit it or not.

BLAST THOSE BLOCKS is a resource with plenty of triggers to get you out of the pits when required.

Donít let yourself be in a life threatening situation when a deadline is crucial and you need to deliver - whether you have an idea to work with or not.


More reasons why you need my ebook


Needless to say, BLAST THOSE BLOCKS ensures you keep yourself inspired and never to be caught short of ideas again.  It proves to be the right medium to fight the beast when it beckons.


Simply because each and every report is the brainwave of different minds.  All the tips given are personal workable strategies of diverse persons.

Not only that...

But the writers of these gems are all pros in the writing world.  To mention just a few you will pick the mind of people like Joe Vitale (the Hypnotic Writer), Shery Ma Belle Arriete (of the Weekly Writes fame), Judy Cullins (book coach, author and publisher), Shaun Fawcett (of the world famous free writing courses) and others of expertise in their own rights.


Blast those Blocks

 strategies on how to keep your writing

flowing at all times -

straight from the Pros





"If you suffer from writer's block, the advice in this well-produced manual should get you writing again.

It's packed with practical exercises and strategies you can apply to get your creative juices flowing once more."

                               Nick Daws -


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               well-respected authors.  If you need help with your writing, try Mary's book."                                                                  Terri Seymour   



Okay, so whatís the cost for this

remarkable resource?



Well, you must realize that this unique resource could easily sell for a hefty $95. In fact the information within BLAST THOSE BLOCKS is priceless to a working writer and it could take a lifetime to understand exactly the psychology and action required for overcoming the writer's block.

Here you are getting the knowledge on a silver plate - straight from the pros themselves.

So what could be the price of such a package which can be a life saver at a crucial moment?

Wanting to treat writers like me with good value for money your charge for this 80-page information-packed resource is nowhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for this invaluable package is only $39.50.



But as a special introduction I'm offering

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This is only a trial offer and the price will be going up to the regular price. Even at $39.50, you're still getting an unbelievable bargain. The money you could earn as a result of these proven techniques could very easily pay you back hundreds (or even thousands) times your small investment.

Besides I am also throwing in with this timeless package some more goodies that every writer would find of great value.


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Together these free bonuses are worth more than triple your investment in BLAST THOSE BLOCKS but they're yours absolutely free when you order right away on my secure server. Order NOW!

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Best of all, you can order with total confidence because this powerful writer's resource is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank-Guarantee:

If after 8 weeks, you honestly believe this information is not worth its weight in gold,

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free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

Is that fair or what?

Look at it this way. $19.75 is really a painless drop in the bucket considering the gain in unexpected income by staying inspired. That's why...

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In
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To your own writing success!


Mary Attard


P.S. Just think! You can avoid the frustration of trying to figure out how to keep yourself inspired. Never again be caught short of ideas.

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